Dirección y Mapa de Ubicación

Cordoba entre Ernesto Guevara y Hohenau Mapa de Ubicación

Loma Merlo - Luque - Paraguay
Teléfono: (595) (21) 338-0528

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Unbreakable go-getter for transparency and good proceedings, incorruptible human being than battled in hand-to-hand combat for the rights of the just and honest.

ImagenComprehensive and generous professor and teacher of life, the ones that we knew you like first pupils and professional colleagues next, we thank God to get close to YOUR road and following your teachings, treating to imitate you and to equal you.

Your blessing has reached us in your plenitude being for ever transmitting of knowledge "without looking to who".

BECA is and will be, without misgivings, one more of your innumerable children, right now than the fruits that you have grown in us, they permitted harvesting personal achievements, professionals and entrepreneurial.

Miguel, as say your middle name ANGEL that you are from up there getting our bearings, THANKS!!!

Forever in our proceedings and thoughts.